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Frequently asked questions

How many CD's do you release per year?

Good question…and frequently asked! The number varies.

What kind of music does your catalogue contain?

We have most styles of music covered. Ok…maybe we’re missing polka, opera and Buddhist monk chanting. We truly believe that the most important goal is helping you find what your project needs. If we don’t have it we’ll use our extensive knowledge of the industry and refer you to one of our competitors who does. No joke.

Are your cd's available for personal use.

We’ve found they can balance just about any table when placed under a wobbly leg
and they also make great drink coasters. In other words NO, our music is not sold
commercially and is only available for production use. We’re a high quality music
catalogue that is licensed on a per use (needledrop) basis or on an annual blanket
license to selected clients.

Can I download music online?

Yes. However, unless your computer skills include high level hacking you’ll need
to call us for a password.

Can I license music online?

Yes, simply fill out our synchronization license application form under the
“Licensing” section”. We’ve designed a simple-to-use online reporting system
that forwards your information directly to us for processing. Music usage may also
be reported by phone, fax, mail or email. Coming soon homing pigeons and Morse code.

I made changes to the project and/ or voiceover in my production.
Do I need to re-license the music?

Yes. Any revision of the production or release in a new format requires an
additional license.

Do I need to obtain a performance license from organizations like BMI or ASCAP?

It is the responsibility of broadcasters to hold valid performing rights licenses
with BMI or ASCAP (in the U.S.) or with their affiliated societies (outside the U.S.).
Broadcasters not licensed for performing rights through such societies are subject
to clearance of performance rights directly from 7-Out-Music.

What if you don't have the exact piece of music that I need? Do you do custom music?

With 7-Out-Music you’re covered on all fronts.
If we don’t have it we’ll make it! That’s right, our talented, award-winning staffs of
composers each have their own professional studio, and can write, produce and
record any special request with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. Their credits
range from feature films to television programs, commercials, promos, corporate
videos and video games. We promise a competitive quote, so please contact us.

What's the best way to search for cuts in your catalogue?

Most companies will tell you to take advantage of their online search engine.
We say take advantage of our in-house music supervisor. When it comes to
finding music, there is no search engine as good as our music guru! And its
all for the low-low price of .....FREE.

Best way to look for music:

Definitely take advantage of our online search engine. Just contact us Info@7outmusic.com for approval to the site. When it comes to looking for music, there is no search engine as good as our music guru! And its all for the low-low price of .....FREE. Just give us a call or fire off an email with what you're looking for.
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